The Story Behind


The Land of Honor, Fame and Glory. Mydoslene with its six surrounding elemental tribes. Monsters are indeed present in the land of Mydoslene, Where heroes go in and out to fight these battles. Each tribe has their representative heroes. To forge weapons of fight and support, which aids them in battle. Theres more than just beating monsters and saving the land from chaos, there will also be battles for sport. To be acknowledged as the strongest heroes of their tribe. Earn shining medallions to show who's the best fighter there is in the land of Mydoslene. So come now and let's delve deeper into the land Mydoslene.


Section Value
Initial Supply 225,000,000 SGN
Max Supply 250,000,000 SGN
Token Type Governance Token
Decimals 18
Ticker SGN
Network Polygon
Contract Address View contract
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✔️ Concept Creation

✔️ Team Assembly

✔️ Research

✔️ Whitepaper Preparation

✔️ Theme and Art Creation Starts

✔️ Smart Contract Development starts

✔️ Game Development Starts

✔️ Social Interactions

✔️ Website Development Starts

✔️ Whitepaper Creation Starts

✔️ Angel Investor Sale Starts

✔️ Discord Server Release

✔️ Early Adopters Event Starts

✔️ Website Release

✔️ Whitepaper Release

✔️ Discord Invite Event Starts

✔️ Marketplace Development Starts

✔️ Governance Token Deployment

⚙️ TGE

⚙️ Pre-Marketing

⚙️ AMA: What is Heroes Uprising?

⚙️ Seed Sale Starts

⚙️ Whitelisting Starts

⚙️ Private Sale Round

⚙️ Public Sale Starts (IDO)

⚙️ Gameplay Video Release

⚙️ Early Adopters Airdrop SGN Reward Distribution

⚙️ Marketplace Release

⚙️ Discord Invite Event SGN Reward Distribution

⚙️ Limited Sword NFT Sale Starts (Founding NFTs)

⚙️ Sprite NFT Sale Starts (Founding NFTs)

⚙️ Game Alpha Testing starts

⚙️ AMA: How to Play Heroes Uprising?

⚙️ Game Beta Testing Starts

⚙️ SGN Token Airdrop for Founding NFT Holders

⚙️ Game Public Launch

⚙️ Forging Enabled

⚙️ UI Improvement

⚙️ Forging System Release

⚙️ Arena Battle Royale Release

⚙️ In-game Rare Amethyst Particle Exchange Release

⚙️ Withdrawal of token from the game opens

⚙️ Own AMM for SGN & RAE Exchange Release

⚙️ Sprites System Release

⚙️ Weekly Dungeon Quest Release

⚙️ Guild System Release

⚙️ Fusion System Release

⚙️ Crafting System Release

⚙️ More In-Game Features ( World 2 unlocks)

⚙️ More to follow (Roadmap 2.0 Release)

Allan Brando Catayoc


Anne Catayoc


Clint Ryan Jao


Ryan Panuncia


Joshua Pales

Development Lead

Henry Alcantara, CPA

Finance Officer

Carl Alexson Patan-ao

Project Manager

Luis Miguel Panta

Game Strategic Lead

Arvin John Bulatin

Game Development Lead

Dave Agustin Caacoy

Game Design Lead

Kevin Fontanoza

Web Development Lead

Janbert Campos

QA Lead

Joenard Magallanes

Social Media Manager Lead

Edward Hermias

Community Lead

Helix Ray Catayoc

Collaboration Manager


Alvin Reyes

Technology Advisor

Core Software Engineer | Protocol Labs